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This charge only applies if you want to order MORE than 12 sample swatches.

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If You Need More Than 12 Samples, You Can Order More Here - The Price is $2.00 PER Additional Swatch.

You Can Order up to 12 Swatches at No Charge - To Add a Free Sample to your Cart, Click on the Green "Add To Cart" Button towards the Bottom of Every Fabric Listing.

Shipping for Samples via USPS is Free - "Click Here for Express Shipping on Samples"
Please Read the Guidelines Below for More Information.

Please add $2.00 to your cart for every extra sample you order over the free 12 limit:

1 - 12 Samples = FREE

13 Samples = $2.00

14 Samples = $4.00

15 Samples = $6.00

20 Samples (12 Free + 8 @ $2.00) = $16.00

25 Samples (12 Free + 13 @ $2.00) = $26.00

How many free sample swatches can I order? This is a question that naturally occurs to everyone when presented with an abundance of beautiful choices. The quick answer is a dozen is no problem. Established customers 2 dozen. Established commercial customers 4 dozen. You can order more than these suggestions, but now you have an idea about my comfort zone.

Are you "In the Trade"? A decorator or an upholsterer? I have prepared groups of samples of fabrics that I have in abundant supply. These fabrics will most likely not sell out overnight, so these samples can be useful for those "In the Trade". If interested, please email your request with a brief description of your needs. (

If you want a large amount of swatches of your choice, there will be a charge of $2.00 per swatch. If you are ordering 100 swatches, the cost will be $200.00. The swatches you receive will be labeled with the name and price, however they will be the same size swatches everybody else gets. The size varies greatly. Some fabrics only require a very small piece (Ultraleather for example). A Border Stripe Upholstery with pattern will require a much larger swatch.

If you have read this far, Thanks for your patience! I want you as a customer. If your project requires a swatch order that takes me "Out of my Comfort Zone" (refer to 1st paragraph above), please indicate what's going on by including a brief note in the comment box on the order form.

I hope that you enjoy beautiful textiles as much as I do. So please enjoy!

Sidney Marks, owner,